Friday, 4 January 2013

Lincs, late Dec 2012

A couple of days at work straight after the Christmas festivities made for a pleasant change of scenery, and the gulls put on a fine show. On 27th I made a quick trip to Kirkby on Bain, my last for a while as the nearby contract has come to an end, and was pleased to see c800 large gulls on the pit north of the tip, including a cracking ad Glauc.
A couple of oddities were present too, including a bird that whilst showing a few similarities to a 3w mich must surely have been a hybrid, based on mantle tone and structure.
The following day I was up in North Lincs, where the tractor that attracted the Thayer's Gull in April has been at work for several weeks on the wolds near Bonby. Incredibly there has been nothing amongst the hordes of mainly Herrings since an early juv Glauc in mid-November, but this time I picked up an elusive juv Iceland and a superb 1w Caspian. A couple of Meds, some stonking Argies and the odd freak made for some enjoyable hours watching.

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