Saturday, 5 January 2013

Buildwas and Candles, 3rd Jan 2013

The first visit to the tip of the new year took me past the huge floods alongside the River Severn at Buildwas, and a few hundred big gulls demanded a quick look. 2 ad michs and a huge (GBB-sized) 4cy Caspian Gull were the rewards.
Despite superficially looking older, the primary pattern, dark primary coverts and black in the tail all added up to a 3rd-winter.
Up at the tip, the balance had swung further in favour of HGs, with maybe 1,200 compared to 800 LBBs, and an impressive 100 GBBs along with 5 michs. Late on, as a wave of c700 gulls flew in from the north (off the quarry?), I picked up a Glauc in flight, judged to be a 3cy based on the patchy buff and white plumage and pink-based bill, but I lost it as a few hundred birds headed off south, presumably to Chelmarsh.

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