Thursday, 3 September 2015

Albert Village Lake, 30th July 2015

Only a few weeks in, and I was already feeling guilty for having "missed" the previous week due to working elsewhere. So it was good to get back, and on arrival late morning there were a good number of gulls on the water again. Michs provided the main interest once again, with at least 22 present, the half dozen irresistible juvs performing well in the flat grey light. Despite the increase in juvs of other species, the michs stood out due to their increased wear and the presence of at least a couple of newly moulted scaps on every bird.

A juv Med Gull appeared amongst the Black-heads in the bay, and later on a smart near-ad Caspian Gull flew in for a quick wash before unfortunately transferring to the inaccessible area over the bank. Fortunately the iPhone's video managed to pick out a few crisp frames of the wing-pattern.

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