Saturday, 31 January 2015

Albert Village Lake, 28th Jan 2015

near-adult Caspian

Having recently realised I drive within about 8 miles of this excellent gulling spot most weeks, I decided to take advantage of a relatively early finish at work, and swung in on the off chance. I was greeted by the sight of at least 600 gulls gleaming in the sunshine on the lake, and hanging in the icy wind between there and the tip.

distant adult Caspian

I managed to find a handy gorse bush to nestle in, and on the first scan I picked up 2 adult Caspian Gulls amongst the hordes of LBBs, followed soon after by a dirty 2cy nice and close in. Nearby, a stunning near-adult made an appearance, the classic P10 held high above the water for all to see! A large bird with a large head could have been a big male Casp, but a glimpse of the primaries revealed a small P10 mirror and not much in the way of tongues, suggesting some Herring influence? A third good adult Casp appeared later, followed by a gleaming 2cy which soon took off and flew to the far side of the lake to mess about with the Black-heads, joining a third 2cy! That brought the total to a marvellous 7 Caspian Gulls, outnumbering the 6+ michs! Amazing stuff, reckon I'll be back...

dirty 2cy Caspian

two more 2cy Caspians

apparent ad hybrid Caspian x Herring?

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