Friday, 6 December 2013

Candles, 6th Dec 2013

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter...
cach 1
A couple of hours late afternoon under a bright but grey sky saw me back on the bank, enthralled by a feeding frenzy like it should be. Around 3,000 birds present, roughly 2:1 LBB:HG along with an impressive total of 80+ GBBs, and after the first near-ad mich appeared, the total soon escalated to 8 (3 ads, 2 near-ads, 3w, 2w, 1w). But the main excitement came from 2 stunning ad Caspian Gulls: a slinky thing that was only ever seen stood on a mound behind all the action, and a huge male in the thick of it that was later seen to be green-ringed, suggesting a German/Polish border origin...

green ring
what's darker, a mich or a tatus?!
 Hybrid interest stretched beyond the usual LBxHGs today in the form of a smooth, pale Viking-type that surely has some northern genes in it. Whilst Glauc is supposed to be the pasty parent in these things, it had more than a little Icelandiness to it...

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