Saturday, 2 November 2013

Candles, 31st Oct 2013

An overdue trip to the tip paid off in style when I was offered access to some much better views of the feeding gulls. Amongst c700 LBBs I was surprised to see barely any Herring Gulls, and of those that were present, many had a certain Scandinavian air to them. A monstrous ad GBBG stood out from the crowd, and I eventually racked up a total of 8 michs: 4 adults, a cachy near-adult, and single 3cy 2cy and 1cy.

The undoubted highlight though, despite brief views, was a lovely 2cy Caspian Gull with a heavy shawl and tiny bullet-hole eye. Could this age group be a feature of late autumn before the 1w birds get here?
Unusually hybrids appeared thin on the ground this time, but one adult with yellowy-flesh legs certainly felt a bit mixed-up.

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