Thursday, 29 August 2013

Candles, 27th August 2013

A trip to the tip on 27th was full of anticipation, but on arrival numbers seemed to be down - the result of the bank holiday weekend maybe? However after half an hour or so the juv Caspian Gull flew in again, but then immediately went after a juv LBB with a large piece of rubbish, successfully stole it, and flew off! And that was that. Good to see it's still around, but disappointingly brief.

The feeding birds were showing well though, with at least 8 michs (3 ads, a 2cy and 4+ juvs including one with an almost entirely moulted mantle). Just makes you wonder how many individuals there have been during the month. I also managed to read a white ring on a 2cy LBB: 3JF, but a yellow-ringed juv remained unread due to the heat haze.
But the main feature of the day was hybrids, with the 3cy hybrid first glimpsed on 22nd showing well today - surely a HGxLB? Also on show was an awesome looking bird with a heavily streaked head, neck and upper breast, and a very pronounced brow ridge. There was a bit of an atlantis jizz to it, which made me think it maybe had yellow-legged genes, but it probably can't be proved not to be the more likely HGxLB...

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