Thursday, 21 February 2013

Buildwas and Candles, 21st Feb 2013

Cold, clear and bright with a thin layer of cloud meant perfect gulling weather, and a quick stop at Buildwas on the way to the tip was well worthwhile. Amongst c500 large gulls (90% LBBs) was a glorious 2cy Caspian Gull stood tall and proud for less than a minute before it flew off, but looking for all the world like a new individual. Also in the flock were an impressive 5 michs (ad, 2 4cy, 3cy, 2cy).
Up at the tip, c1,000 gulls were loafing in the field, but flew as I pulled up, so it was into the wind and onto the tip, where the views were fantastic as they're tipping much closer now. Fortunately the Caspian reappeared, showing itself to be 1w number 5 of the winter, and an absolute stunner. In addition there were 3 michs (4cy, 2 3cy), an ugly ad hybrid HGxLB, and a creamy leucistic Herring, but no wingers this time.

At midday the Casp flew off south with a full crop, but it couldn't be relocated at Horsehay or Buildwas, although a 2cy Common Gull was new at the latter.

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